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We take pleasure in our ability to meet all of your requirements. Whether your issue is huge or minor, Handyman Dublin guarantees that we can solve it. We will provide you with the greatest service in Dublin. For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Your maintenance needs will be met reliable, guaranteed, and timely.

Handyman Dublin is your dependable and friendly overhaul and maintenance service. We are the solution to all of your home repair issues, and we take pleasure in providing the best services to our consumers. To obtain our services, all you need to do is make one phone contact, and we will promptly be at your doorway.

We have skilled and experienced individuals dedicated to working on your schedule at Handyman in Dublin. We also guarantee timely delivery of high-quality work.

We are licensed contractors who have been serving consumers in Dublin for over 15+ years. We are well considered one of the best contractors in Dublin, with a reputation for being an open and honest firm. In addition, we’re recognized for our excellent craftsmanship and use of Irish materials.

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We have 15+ years of expertise and only hire specialists dedicated to their work. Our professionals have all received the appropriate training and qualifications and substantial experience. Rest confident that we can handle any of your repairs.


Repairs and fixes are our specialties. We have 15 + years of expertise and only hire specialists dedicated to their work.


Our Dublin handyman is courteous, dependable, and friendly. They are aware of their client's requirements and only provide high-quality services.


We have 15 + years of expertise as a handyman in Dublin, so you can rest certain that we are knowledgeable about our products and work. We never make errors.


We can proudly claim to have developed a brand for ourselves that resonates positively with our clients over the long period we have been operating.


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We Provide Handyman Services in Dublin

We are one of the top handyman in Dublin, with over 15 + years of expertise and a true focus on client happiness, a 24-hour response time, and a comprehensive range of services.

Home Maintenance

We provide a wide range of services and work on projects of all sizes. Our team usually works with domestic clients, but we also perform commercial work occasionally.

The complicated system of valves and pipelines might be perplexing to those unfamiliar with it. That’s where we can help.

 In Dublin City and County, we can help you with your plumbing needs.


Services for Painting

If you need a wall, a room, or perhaps your entire home painted and remodeled, Handyman in Dublin is here to help.


A handyman offers bouncy castle rental, camper van rental, party bus rental, marquee rental, photo booth rental, dress rental, and jet ski service.


Dublin's lessons

Swimming lessons, singing lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, driving lessons, and golf lessons are all available.



Handy Man has had a strong reputation in Dublin for office cleaning and electrical business services for over 15 + years.



We are delighted to assist you in making the wise option to use renewable energy resources rather than fossil fuels to satisfy your energy needs.



Your health is also taken care of by the handyman. In Dublin, we have the greatest acupuncturist and personal trainer.


Handyman in Dublin has aerial, wedding, and newborn photographers. We also provide wedding automobile rental.


Do you want to book a limo or a bus?

We will be delighted to assist you in finding the best limo in Dublin. You may also rent a van or a bus.

Pet Care

Service for Animals

Do you have concerns about your dog’s grooming? or a cat-sitting service? Handyman has a professional dog groomer. In addition, we give the best cat sitter in Dublin.

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Handyman Dublin: What to Expect From Us

Home repairs can be quite a headache. Aside from not enjoying your property to the fullest, you also have to shell out money to get it fixed.

Because of this seeming financial burden, most homeowners think they can do home repairs independently. How hard can it be, right?

Unfortunately, doing this alone will surely cost you more in the long run. We’ve enumerated what you can expect from us to drive our point. These will surely convince you to hire a Handyman in Dublin.

Handyman Dublin : Professional Training

First of all, our experts have years of professional training in home repairs. This equips them with the skillset to work on almost anything in your home.

Because of this professional training, a Handyman in Dublin can give you an accurate assessment of the problem and treat it at its source. This prevents the problem from blowing up, which is often the case if you try to make quick solutions for the problem without identifying the main cause.

Handyman Dublin : Years of Experience

Also, the best Handyman in Dublin has 15+ years of experience. While his professional training left them with a theoretical approach, his experiences allowed them to work on matters from a practical perspective.

Because of their years in the industry, our experts know that keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques will help improve how he delivers their services. But, of course, this also exposes them to different problems, so you know that they have dealt with virtually any house repair issue you can imagine.  

As a result, this will surely give you peace of mind, knowing that you hired someone who knows what he is doing.

Multiple Services : Handyman Dublin

A Handyman Dublin offers multiple services. Earlier, we mentioned that they are trained professionals in the industry – and this training involves a variety of home repair work ranging from fixture repairs to installation work.

Most of these professionals know how to fix your drywall and can help with clogged drains and leaking faucets. This means you can hire them to do different home repair jobs, so you don’t have to hire multiple people to work on different things – just one number to call for all your home emergencies.

Cost-Effective : Handyman Dublin

Admittedly, hiring a Handyman Dublin won’t come cheap. These professionals charge their rates depending on what you want them to work on, so expect to pay high if the work is complicated.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that their rates are not reasonable. Considering that you’re paying them for their training and expertise, you would eventually realize that the price is worth it. The stress from a broken fixture and the hassle of fixing it yourself is not worth what you will be saving.

Besides, think of the long-term benefits. Thanks to their expert assessment, they could resolve the issue from its source. Moreover, since they provided you with a long-term solution, you no longer have to spend small amounts on frequent repairs. And we all know how small yet frequent payments can add up in the long run.

In need of a Handyman in Dublin? We’re glad you came to the right place. Contact us now to inquire.

We are here to assist you with any problem.

We will take care of any installation, maintenance, or repair issues you may have. So give us a call and give us the opportunity to wow you with our high-quality services.

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